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The Startup Tuesday Podcast

Apr 17, 2018

Mentoring is the key to employee retention

More than 91% of Millennial's are planning to leave their jobs in the next 3 years. So what can you can do? Chedva, from Emerj, has found that the companies who offer mentoring, retain more employees. So she has creating an application that makes mentoring easy, by pairing you...

Apr 10, 2018

So you want to start a podcast?

You say you don't know how? Evan Schmitt, the podcast guru and voice actor, talks with Kelly Collins about how he started, and runs his successful podcast, the Get Creative Podcast. They both provide different approaches to running a podcast, and how to get one started, so now all you...

Mar 27, 2018

From intern to co-founder.

Ajit Nawalkha, co-founder of Mindvalley, a global school that provides training for peak human performance, gives tips on defining what success means for you.

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Twitter: @ajitna
Instagram: @ajitnawalkha

Sep 5, 2017

Join us for an inspiring chat with Venetia Pristavec - the woman who helped grow the unicorn that is Airbnb from 7 to 1700 employees, before leaving to launch her own artistic mission: encouraging people to become their boldest selves.

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Twitter: @venetia
Instagram: @venetiap

Aug 31, 2017

On the third anniversary of leaving Corporate America, Michael O'Brien, a successful executive business leadership coach (who used to work at a major pharmaceutical company managing a team of 1,000 people), shares his story—of how a life-threatening bicycle accident led him down the road to making a major shift in his...